The Ramones released their first album in 1976. Timo heard that album at his friend's place. Ever since that Timo's record shelf has seen more and more new Ramones-albums. Little by little the records have gotten company from posters, backstage passes, magazines, t-shirts, concert tickets, promotional photos and everything possible published under Ramones' name. Currently he has nearly 1350 LP's, cassettes and CD's and 1200 other items, thus having a collection of almost 2550 items.

It's quite certain that there is no similar collection in Finland and very few elsewhere in the world. The collection is growing almost weekly, although it's getting a bit hard to find new items. Also the prices have gone up in recent years, especially of the rarer early singles. Timo collects particularly all kinds of official releases from different countries; so no bootlegs, which makes his collection even more creditable.

Ramones released 14 studio albums, a couple of live albums and almost 30 singles between 1976 and 1996. Timo's collection has, among other things, 48 different versions of Ramones' third album 'Leave Home'. The rarest record is either the Taiwan edition of Ramones' debut album or a 10" acetate from mid-80's.

- Hannu from Woimasointu

Hannu's interview with Timo can be found at [in Finnish].